Softsnap photobooth is a family business we started as a new comer here in Canada. Back then we really did't know anybody except my siblings. That somehow made us feel that we were not really connecting to our community, missing opportunities to contribute, learn, and experience what it is to live a life in Canada. 


One day when we were taking pictures of a place we visited my wife snapped her fingers and said "that's it, we can use our love for taking pictures to be involved in our community", since she is not really good at snapping her fingers, it just made a soft sound, then that's were I came-in and said "ok how about we start a photobooth service and we'll call it Softsnap". 


This totally made sense for us, because with our photobooth service we can build a network, support local events, make moments last forever, and encourage people to smile and feel good about themselves. This is what we envision as our contribution to the community which eventually became the core of our business, the foundation which we promise to always deliver wherever we provide our services.

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Tel: 647-289-0912

Email: softsnapix@gmail.com

Our photobooth service delivers the same great experience as to what other photo booth companies offer but for a more affordable price. Our open concept setup takes away all the frills and works with just what you need without the compromise in quality because we understand the importance of your event and we are here to help.

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